When it's Stone Crab season, one taste and you'll know why Charlie's is so famous for our succulent stone crab claws!

Stone crab season starts October 15th and ends on May 15th. Our fishermen will haul up the crabs, harvest the claws and return the crabs to the water to re-grow their missing claws.

Our stone crab claws are harvested, prepared, and shipped from our waterfront location. Straight off of our boats they are cooked, chilled, and graded. Throughout the season, all online sales and orders made through CharliesStoneCrabs.com website are then shipped immediately and claws are supplied to our Restaurant and Seafood Market . A turnkey process that provides you with the freshest, most delectable experience you could ask for.

So in addition to enjoying stone crab claws served to you in our Fish House Restaurant, or coming and buying them at our Seafood Market, you can get them straight from harvest to your door, overnight!!

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